1065 Square feet 2 Bedroom beautiful House and Plan

Sit out
Drawing room
Dining area
2 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Work area
Stair room

This simple home designed built in 1065 square feet.It includes 2 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. The living and dining room are spacious and very well designed, kitchen and work area are really spacious.

The wash area offers privacy as it is set beside the staircase. A common bathroom is just below the flight of steps. The staircase handrails in stainless steel complement the design elements of the houses. Windows that take up the whole one side of the bedroom walls bring in light and fresh air aplenty. The functional kitchen has granite tops. These beautiful home for you..

Designer : Sreesh Karnan
Client : Sujith Kuttan

courtesy; youtube

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