1350 Square feet 3 bedroom cute double floor home design

beautiful double storied 1350 square feet home, includes Car porch Sit out, 3 beds with attached baths, living, dining, work area.Have you been searching for a house that is pretty huge to satisfy all your desires.here is an elevation of an incredible house that will not cost you much. Here are the design and plan of such a beautiful house. The house is noticeable because no visible curves can be seen instead a flat roof is used to shelter the entire house.

Here fine lines and sharp edges are used which is used only to serve to heighten its charming beauty. All the windows have shades from the outside unlike most of the other designs. The open terrace looks so lovely from the front view. The main aim of the site is to just show you the world of home design and plan.we surely offering you a good home ever.

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