2250 sqft 4 attached bed room
2250 sqft 4 attached bed room

Total area – 2250 square feet 4 bhk the sit out leads to living area. Simple fall ceiling works is given here. Now we can check the living area where a cushion sofa with coffee table is available. A TV unit is placed just opposite of the sofa set.

Utility area leads to dining area where a table with 8 seating capacity is available. Here too a show case in wooden area is given. Simple and cute lighting are used above dining table. This is the washing area with storage.

Moving to the bedrooms, Here we see a double cot with simple design. Here some show works are designed to make the room better.Moving to kitchen side, we see a modular kitchen with rack storage and gas top burner. The kitchen extended to the work area.

courtesy; youtube
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