25 Lakhs In Double Floor House… In Four Bedrooms, Flat roof

Location : Manchery,Malappuram
Area: 1400 Sq Ft
plot: 11 cent
Owner: Jaffer
Designer :Shefeek V M
Budget: 25 lakh
Bedrooms : 4 bedrooms
Flat Roof : contemporary
mob : 8590644406

The spacious living area is connected to the outside through a full-length glass window on one side. Automatic translucent shutters and vertical experience space. This high-volume living room is covered with rectangular spaces of different sizes, bringing deep loads to the area. At the upper level, there are also more graphic complex rooms. The combined family room and dining area has been designed as a double height space in both straight and modern shades. This ventilated, east-facing lounge faces the dark corridor corridor next to it. The stairs lead upstairs and the stairs downstairs look out from the windows below the windows. The double-height living space looks up on a small balcony that connects to the floor above. Both of these spaces can be opened through the full-length window.
One side of the stairs increases the visual depth. Wood, metal and concrete dominate the material here, concrete binds the volume of the room from two opposite sides, and the wooden texture adds a soft touch.

25 Lakhs In Double Floor House... In Four Bedrooms, Flat roof

25 Lakhs In Double Floor House… In Four Bedrooms, Flat roof


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