2810 square feet beautiful traditional made double floor home design

This plan designed to be built in 2810 square feet. absolutely traditional mix home. Mixed roof home design usually have flat,curve and slope roof .It includes 5 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. This plan is a double floored which makes out a distinctive and unique design.The living and dining room are spacious and very well designed, kitchen are really spacious. This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs.

This is a half bedroom, semi-recreation room, a raised sleeping area in the distance and a seat in the center of the seat with large carpets underneath. A house complete with a pretty little balcony is always an eye catcher, especially it offers stunning, picturesque views.The family living and dining area are very well designed and the kitchen along with work area are really spacious.these traditional mix home plan for you.

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