3 Bedroom 847 Square feet Independent House design

The house is area of 847 Sq Ft.and have 3 cute bedrooms.The house is entirely based on the sharp edge concept other than the curvy slope used in the car porch. It is provisioned with a car parking area, a small sit out portion, a warm welcoming living room, a kitchen, a dining space, a work area, three bedrooms with the combination of attached as well as common bathroom facility . The most noticeable alluring fact about the house is the roof design it adapted.

In the plan have used elements and simple design of architectural style to get a unique for your dream house.we are good about interior designing as which it is the total creative solution for the best programmed interior of our homes. Also it provides the best conceptual planning with aesthetic and technical solutions which are applied to achieve the desired result.

The house is provisioned with a small compact sized sit out, a warm welcoming living room, two bedrooms with proper bathroom facility, a kitchen with a store facility, a dining area and an open terrace. For further details contact the designer.

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