500 Square feet 2 Bedroom low cost House and Plan

Sit out

Living cum dining hall

2 Bedroom

1 Common bathroom


The house is given a small sit out portion, a living room, a dining room near to the kitchen, 2 bedrooms with a combination of attached bathroom and a common bathroom facility an open terrace. We are presenting you here a simple yet elegant home design which is constructed with a pure Kerala style design and the now trending modern designs. The most noticeable alluring fact about the house is the roof design it adapted.

Here shown is a contemporary bean bag and a black sofa in this area.Non transparent curtains are used and since it is a kid’s room,the bed in this room is actually low in height. The color used here is green in order to give life to objects.Both ends of the room consists of study tables. These days bedroom is based on certain theme colors which makes it look very beautiful.

Owner : Vishnu Babu

courtesy; youtube

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