800 square feet 3 attached bedroom home design

The house is entirely based on the sharp edge concept other than the curvy slope used in the car porch. The house is planned and plotted across an area of 800 Sq Ft. We are presenting you here a simple yet elegant home design which is constructed with a pure Kerala style design and the now trending modern designs. The most noticeable alluring fact about the house is the roof design it adapted. The entire house portion is sheltered using different varieties of sloping roofs like sloping one which is used in one portion of the house .

The shelves are created in order to decorate the room in addition to its normal use.The color used here is green in order to give life to objects.Both ends of the room consists of study tables.which is placed just above the car porch portion,and the one main attractive portion of the house is protected using the triangular junction formed typed one in the front.The family living area is situated near the staircase.

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